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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

  • My heart beats your name, because it's your love that runs through my veins!

  • I didn't fall in love with u on the first sight; I fall in love with u over and over again on every sight.

  • The biggest of my smiles can't be found upon my face, but locked inside my heart and can never be erased.

  • A friend praises with the joyfuls, cheers up the weary and loves them both.

  • Love, it's not just "I love you" but "My triple A (Affection, Attention, Appreciation) for you!"

  • Missing u is my hobby, caring for u is my job, make u happy is my duty, and loving u is my life.

  • Love is the person I call to say goodnight before I go to bed.

  • Don't treat ur girl like rubbish cos another man will just recycle her.

  • Love is not always complicated, if you know how to love, trust, & care.

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